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Microsoft has been working hard over the past few months to build a new email service and they are ready to show off their hard work. The company is announcing a new email platform,, and Microsoft hopes that with a mature sounding domain and a few time-saving features, you will give it a try. The new email service takes a fresh look at the email experience and is changing everything from privacy and workflow, to advertisement placement and attachments to help you get things done faster with less distraction. 

You can head on over to now and sign up for the preview or if you currently have a or email address, you can upgrade your account to the new by going to the “Options” menu and clicking the “Upgrade to”; you will only receive the new UI, not the new domain if you select the upgrade option.

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Microsoft Outlook Social Connector 32-bit

Stay up-to-the-minute with the people in your networks by accessing everything from e-mail threads to status updates in one single, centralized view.

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Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bit

With Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector 64-bit, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 64-bit to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages, contacts and calendars for free!

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Microsoft expands Outlook 2010 Social Connector to Facebook

Microsoft has announced that official connectors, built by MySpace and Facebook for Outlook Social Connector, will be available for download in the first of half of this year.

The software giant also announced the immediate availability of the LinkedIn Outlook Social Connector that was first demonstrated in November 2009. The download is now live and allows LinkedIn users to see their LinkedIn contacts latest activity and also add new people to LinkedIn via the interface.

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Outlook Gets Social with LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace

In November 2009, we announced both the beta of Microsoft Office 2010 as well as the Outlook Social Connector. The Outlook Social Connector brings together communications history, contact information, and professional and social networking information into the Outlook experience.

We are continuing to deliver on that vision today with two new announcements. First, we’re proud to announce the public beta of LinkedIn for Outlook, which will enable our millions of Office 2010 Beta users to connect the OSC to a public network for the first time. Second, we’re excited to announce partnerships with Facebook — the most popular social Web site in the world, and MySpace — a leading social platform connecting people through expression, content, and culture.

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Better IMAP in Outlook 2010

One of the things we have improved in Outlook 2010 is IMAP accounts. IMAP is a protocol that is used by many e-mail services, including Gmail and AOL. If your e-mail service supports IMAP, you can use Outlook to access your e-mail.

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Announcing Outlook Live Release 4!

It doesn’t feel like long ago that I was sat in my summer clothes telling you all about R3 of Outlook Live – and yet here we are, 6 months later, pretending not to eat too many mince pies and talking about Outlook Live R4.

You won’t see a huge user experience change from R3 to R4, but there are a lot of new features and more enhanced admin tools for you to explore. Here’s a selection of some of the finer stocking-fillers that are new in Release 4:

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Outlook (finally) coming to the Mac

When Microsoft releases its next version of Office for Mac late next year, it will include a capability that will finally bring it into parity with its Windows counterpart: Outlook for Mac.

This new application will not be merely an "Outlookized" version of Office for Mac 2008’s Entourage – Outlook’s weaker sister – but be fully new app, written from the ground up in Cocoa, Mac OS X’s collection of frameworks, APIs, and runtimes.

Speaking to reporters today from his offices in Redmond, Eric Wilfred, general manager of Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU), also said that the new Outlook for Mac will have a new database. "We are refreshing not just the front end, but the guts of the application," Wilfred said.

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