Outlook.com, a new email service

Microsoft has been working hard over the past few months to build a new email service and they are ready to show off their hard work. The company is announcing a new email platform, Outlook.com, and Microsoft hopes that with a mature sounding domain and a few time-saving features, you will give it a try. The new email service takes a fresh look at the email experience and is changing everything from privacy and workflow, to advertisement placement and attachments to help you get things done faster with less distraction. 

You can head on over to Outlook.com now and sign up for the preview or if you currently have a Hotmail.com or Live.com email address, you can upgrade your account to the new Outlook.com by going to the “Options” menu and clicking the “Upgrade to Outlook.com”; you will only receive the new UI, not the new domain if you select the upgrade option.

Link – https://outlook.com/

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