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Windows Live Mesh for Mac

Windows Live Mesh for Mac brings Live Mesh and the previous version of Windows Live Sync together into one product. With Windows Live Mesh for Mac, you can keep the folders you choose in sync across your computers (Mac and PC) so the files you need are always right there with you.

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Update to Windows Live Essentials 2011

This week, we will release an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011. In addition to changes that improve performance and quality of service, the update also includes full support for SSL in Windows Live Mail, and the latest Bing bar. Here are a few of things we think you’ll find the most interesting:

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Messenger will be seamlessly built into Windows Phone

Messenger has always been focused on helping you keep in touch with the people who matter most. We believe you should be able to choose the services you want to use and be able to access them from all of your devices, in a seamlessly integrated experience.

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Windows Live Mesh reaches 5 million connected devices

Today, we’re excited to announce an important milestone: Windows Live Mesh has now connected 5 million devices, with over 3 million users syncing 2.2 petabytes to the cloud. Windows Live Mesh was released on September 30th, 2010 and joined SkyDrive, a service already used by 70 million customers, as a core component of Microsoft’s consumer cloud strategy.

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Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 compulsory update coming soon

If you are using Windows Live Essentials on Windows XP, or are still using a pre-2011 version of Windows Live Essentials (including Messenger), starting this week, you’ll see a required update that is rolling out in all 48 languages. This minor update to Windows Live Messenger and the other Windows Live Essentials programs includes a set of important security updates, performance improvements, targeted bug fixes, and some other, minor changes.

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Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

Starting today, Hotmail and select partners are introducing a new type of interactive and dynamic email that runs on the Hotmail Active Views platform.

Beginning in the late 90s, email services evolved from supporting just plain text and attachments to supporting rich, HTML-based email. This was a big development, and it ushered in an era of structured email templates and embedded photos and links. Today, nearly all messages sent by businesses and websites use HTML.

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Windows Live launches new plug-ins website

This week we are introducing a new Windows Live plug-ins website, which allows you to download and submit plug-ins for Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer.

From the new plug-ins site, you can download and add the Inkubook Photo Book Uploader to Windows Live Photo Gallery to create beautiful professional quality photo books, or get the Insert Video plug-in for Windows Live Writer, which allows you to insert videos into your blog posts from places like YouTube and MySpace.

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Windows Live and Windows Phone 7

As announced today in New York, Windows Phone 7 is coming soon! We’ve been working hard over the last several months to make sure Windows Live can connect you to your stuff and the people you care about across your Windows PC, your phone, and the web. Earlier this year, we released the new Hotmail and SkyDrive, and connected Office 2010 to the cloud with Office Web Apps.

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download now

We are pleased to announce that Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows 7 and Windows Vista is now available for download! (Releasing in 48 languages over the next few hours, so if your language is not yet available, it will be very soon.) Windows Live Essentials 2011 was designed and built to connect your PC to the services you use every day.

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Microsoft set to release Windows Live Essentials 2011 later today

Microsoft is set to release the final version of Windows Live Essentials later today.

The complete package comes just over a month after a beta refresh was issued on August 17. Microsoft originally released a Windows Live Essentials beta on June 24. Essentials includes the popular programs Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail, Messenger, Writer, Sync, and Family Safety. The Windows Live team has aimed to ensure that the next version of Windows Live Essentials takes advantage of Windows 7 fully. All applications now use the new ribbon UI and integrate further into Windows 7 by using Jumplists. Windows Live Sync is also included which keeps your files synchronized on the web and across multiple PCs.

Microsoft also introduced several new features for Windows Live Photo Gallery, including photo fusing to blend photos together and improved facial recognition. Expect the final version to land around 10AM PST.

Hotmail security updates protect you from account hijackers

Not too long ago, account hijacking was an issue limited mostly to financial service websites. Now the practice has grown to threaten other web services like email, disrupting millions of accounts every year. When an email account is compromised by hijackers, it violates the privacy of the account owner, can harm those in their address book, and adds additional costs to the services fighting the abuse.

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More Hotmail updates on the way

We’ve kept ourselves busy this summer. A few months ago, we released a re-invented Windows Live Hotmail designed around what people said they wanted—a more efficient service to help them manage clutter with features like Sweep and one-click filters, save time with ActiveViews, share hundreds of large photos in a single email, and be more productive with Office by viewing and editing documents right from Hotmail

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Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh

In June, we announced that as part of Windows Live Essentials beta, we brought together two programs, Windows Live Sync and the Live Mesh beta, into one: Windows Live Sync beta. We focused on four things with our beta release:

  • Making it easy to access the PCs you use from anywhere
  • Getting your files and folders on the PCs you use regularly
  • Giving you enough space to sync your most important files and folders to the cloud
  • Providing simple document collaboration over the web using SkyDrive

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Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta refresh

Today we’re releasing an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta. One of the main reasons we release betas is to allow early adopters to enjoy our products and provide feedback on their experience. First, we want to say thank you for your help. For Messenger alone, we had over 3 million unique users, 3.5 million updates to display pictures, 6.2 million video calls, and 7.6 million updates to status messages.

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Microsoft readies Beta 2 of Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft is preparing to deliver a second beta of the next version of its Windows Live Essentials suite next week.

That’s the word from blogger Francisco Martin Garcia, who posted about the coming beta on his blog on August 11. (Garcia’s had a good track record on predicting Microsoft delivery dates for various consumer wares.) Enthusiast site Neowin also is reporting the second beta will hit next week, naming Tuesday, August 18 as the likely delivery date. I am hearing the 18th is Microsoft’s target for the beta, as well.

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