Microsoft Releases FREE Anti-Virus Software

Microsoft has finally released its free anti-malware software.  The suite is call Windows Security Essentials. After more than a decade of letting third-party vendors do a mediocre job of protecting computers from virii, trojan horses, worms, and spy-ware, Microsoft has finally decided that its time to once-and-for-all provide malware protection designed by people who know the Windows OS best.  Providing it for free via Windows Live not only shows Microsoft’s commitment to providing the safest computing experiences, but still offers users the choice of platforms.  Additionally, users on a budget need no longer worry about having to buy anti-virus software and then pay for annual renewals, nor do home users need to deal with free or trial versions of anti-virus software that hurt performance or application compatibility, or even worse, can’t be completely uninstalled. Give it a try!

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